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Accounting and financial regulations. In german and hungarian, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Partners,

We have collected frequently asked questions here concerning
the usage of this website and the questionnaires.

Question: How can I registrate, gain access in e-mail and use the?

Answer: New users can registrate in the Registration menu.
Required fields must be filled in.
If you do not fill in a field properly,
an exclamation mark in a red square pops up
If everything is proper, you can submit the form.
After submitting, an activating form appears on the screen.
Please type the activation code you have received in e-mail
into the right field and by doing so your registration process will be completed.

The program verifies your code and if it is valid,
a text appears on the screen informing you on successful activation.
Click ‘Enter’ bottom to enter the Questionnaires menu.
Here you can choose the questionnaire you want to use.
Should you have any questions, please contact us in e-mail.

Question: Where should I pay for the service? Where shall I found the bank account number?

Answer: The payment should be transferred to the bank account
of the Kontir Digital Módszertani Központ Kft.
Budapest 10918001-00000022-87940000

Question: What shall I do after the payment and the registration?
Please download the questionnaire or fill it in online in order
that we could start the adaptation process of your regulations as soon as possible.

Question: How is the password sent?

Answer: If registration is successful it happens automatically.
( In case of technical problems, the password will be sent in e-mail from our headquarters.)
For adopting it is necessary to enter the registration databank.
Questionnaires can be filled in online or downloaded.
The tailor-made regulations can be ordered by sending back
the properly filled in questionnaires to our headquarters.

Question: What does the valid registration entitle the user to do in the databank?

Answer: Registration is essential to use the online forms.
It helps you with faster filling in process and direct submission to the Kontir Digital.
The registration and activation is valid within the
running year and enable you to keep your policies up to date

Question: What are the applicable rules in practice?

Answer: The only accepted procedure is the one which is recognised as
applicable by the National Tax and Customs Administration
(earlier APEH Tax Authority)

Question: Do the responses in the questionnaire equal the final regulations?

Answer: No.

We process the prescriptions of the Law of Accounting as a so-called standard text
together with the questionnaires, and finalize it according to the method accepted
by the National Tax and Customs Administration.
The questionnaires record the acceptable answers as they are defined in the Law of Accounting.
Completed questionnaires are processed successively and the finalized policies
are issued according to the principle of first come first served.

Question: In what time shall we receive the finished regulations?

Answer: Regulations are finished within 15 days
we adapt the regulations by a questionnaire method.
Adapted regulations are sent electronically, via e-mail.

Question: From what time the deadline is calculated?

Answer: Deadline is calculated from the receipt of the completed questionnaires
It is our partners’ interest as well to fill in the questionnaire
on the website or send to the Kontir Digital by mail or e-mail as soon as possible.

Question: For what sectors are the simplified e-book model regulations available?

Answer: According to the applicable procedure, the e-book model regulations are basically
adopted to the industrial, commercial, service and the agricultural sectors.
The regulations will be sent by e-mail in PDF format.

Question: Where are the questionnaires available?

Answer: After the registration process the questionnaires are available
to download or to fill in online, they must be completed before the adaptation.

Question: On what conditions is the simplified regulation e-book available?

Answer: It is available after pre-payment by bank transfer only.
Terms and conditions of the processing of questionnaires is 15 days, the rectification takes 8 days
According to our Terms and Conditions, the processing of the questionnaires takes 15 days
and for the completion of documents you have 8 days.

Question: How can the questionnaires be sent to Kontir Digital?

Answer: The completed questionnaires can be sent by e-mail, regular mail, or online from 2013.

Question: How can I order your products?

Answer: Orders are accepted online, in e-mails, mails or – in extraordinary cases –
by phone as well.

Question: When will we receive the invoice?

Answer: We will issue the invoice in advance by request or automatically after receiving payment.

Question: Where can I find the current price of the products?

Answer: Current prices of our products are generally published on this website,
for registered users they will be sent by e-mail
in extraordinary cases or when far reaching legislative changes are concerned.


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