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Accounting and financial regulations. In german and hungarian, too.

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Why are regulations so much important?

This is not a matter of choice - they are obligatory in accordance
with the Low of Accounting. They are required for all sizes of companies.
For the smallest organisations an Accounting Policy is minimum required.
It has three obligatory components:

- Regulations of Funds Management,
- Regulation of Stocktaking,
- and Regulation of Evaluation.

We would like to kindly pay the company managers' attention
to their responsibilities for organising bookkeeping procedures,
supporting its accuracy as well as checking
the existence of the required regulations
which are meant to be the foundation of bookkeeping

It is entrepreneurs' own interest to control them.

Avoid penalty!

Let's take into consideration,
Is it worth taking the risk of a 500,000 HUF penalty
from the tax office for not complying with the regulations?

Namely, according to the 172.§ in the Law on Order of Taxation, entrepreneurs
can be fined for failure up to the sum of 500,000 HUF in the following cases:

1. If the law (e.g. the Law on Order of Taxation) prescribes keeping of
certain accounting records, and there are records missing.

2. If certain accounting records are kept contrary to prescribed form, especially if
the books and the records conceal the tax payable
(Law on Order of Taxation 172.§ (1) /f. )

Take a good advice

Companies or other organisations cannot afford to be fined. Avoid it.
We can advise and help you with practised formula, professional auditors and
consultants as well as technical assistance in up-to-date
English and German questionnaire forms.

For more than a decade we have had experience and success throughout
Hungary with significantly increasing trust in our services.
We have an easily comprehensible methodology for companies and
other institutions (e.g. non-profit organisations).


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